The Plan arises through Netspirit, a living field of intention, that offers a toolbox for spreading the new Paradigm to related organizations and like-minded people.


We are living in a unique moment in history, in which humanity achieved, like never before, not only an expansion of knowledge, but also the possibility of our self-destruction. For that reason we consider it is urgent to expand our consciousness, since there are many possible futures but not all ensure the permanence of the human species.

Change is born within people and then expands to their environment. The key to individual and collective transformation is a new understanding of reality, grounded as never before by the convergence of Science and Spirituality, the re-encounter of reason and spirit.

The latest scientific developments are close to what the traditions of wisdom have always said: we are part of the intelligence and interconnection of the universe, in which human beings are more than just a physical body. In science, there is an emerging concept of the world where the material dimension is merged with the spiritual dimension, these being integral and inseparable aspects of a non-dual reality.

NETSPIRIT is a global initiative whose purpose is to facilitate the integration and synergy of organizations and like-minded people adding direction, dimension and meaning to the emergence of the new scientific-spiritual paradigm. It co-creates and sets attractors such as: the Transmedia Communication Plan, the Syntony Center Network, a Global Symposium,, Spiritweeks, Spiritalks, Spiritforums and Spiritips.

We invite you to walk together – together we can go further.

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Ervin Lazslo
Ervin Laszlo, NETSPIRIT Ambassador Founder

“Recognizing and living the new paradigm is the key to our wellbeing, our life, and our future”

This Plan is proposed and endorsed by Prof. Ervin Laszlo, The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research and by the Club of Budapest International Network, which are considered pioneers of the Scientific-Spiritual paradigm that today emerges at the forefront of contemporary sciences.



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Spokesman for a new map of reality, this Hungarian philosopher and scientist is one of the greatest thinkers of our time.
Dr. Ervin Laszlo is one of the main references in the formulation of a new evolutionary paradigm. His work in recent years has focused on the formulation and development of a conception of the cosmos that emerges in the vanguard of contemporary sciences, and that manages to combine the truths of science with the oldest traditions of wisdom.

His look has revolutionized the scientific thinking of the most diverse disciplines. There are those who claim that the postulates of Ervin Laszlo (twice Nobel Peace Prize nominee) set the stage for a revolution about how we conceive reality (equivalent to That generated Copernicus when affirming that the earth revolved around the sun).

The vision of Ervin Laszlo - like that of many other scientists in all areas and around the world - inserts a word that begins to become familiar in different fields of knowledge: spirituality. This word (in a sustainable way, alien to the magical thought and even to the religiosity) is increasingly present in any scientific field: Physics, Biology, Medicine, Astrophysics, Mathematics, Neurosciences ... including Economy and The Psychology.

His scientific theory of the universe incorporates the spiritual plane as a formative of the material plane and is being increasingly endorsed by a greater number of referents from different fields of knowledge. It provides an explanatory framework for phenomena considered to be anomalous by traditional Western science. For example, the increasing evidence that human consciousness survives physical death, and therefore, is not only the result of the organic functioning of the brain, but rather transcends it in time and space.

His last book of 2016, What is reality ?, rightly posits that reality has led us to a crossroads where one of the signposts says "consciousness is the source," while the other, pointing in the opposite direction says " Matter is the source. " This crossroads defines an essential scientific paradigm shift to reinterpret principles from a unified and non-dualistic framework of the underlying nature of the cosmos from which we see and decode reality.



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